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Owner, Louie E. Torrez Jr. graduated from Ayer High School in Ayer, Massachusetts in 1989. He continued his education at Middlesex Community College and graduated with an Associates of Science in Dental Laboratory Technology in 1991. Mr. Torrez worked at various dental laboratories early in his career then decided to pursue the American Dream of opening his own laboratory business. In 2002, Occlusions Dental Laboratory was Incorporated and has been in the same location for 20 years! 

He's the proud father of daughter, Kristine, son, Anthony, and grandson, Eniram. Louie's hobbies include: watching sports, camping & fishing, enjoying the outdoors and listening to music. 

Occlusions Dental Laboratory, Inc. was established to offer a combination of the old ways of removable appliance production with the new high technology techniques of today. You will always receive the care, precision, and high quality you deserve when you choose Occlusions Dental Laboratory, Inc. 

Before, after, and now Gallery

Louie custom-designed and built the laboratory to maximize efficiency!  Check out these photos of before he started, once built and of how the lab has evolved over the years!

video: Occlusions Dental lab Now

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